Stockholms Sankofa Club



My last update on website was back in november 2016 and after that nothing, i mean nada.

But a new challenge arise, with creative freedom and half way there, i must say that this one man marketing machine is putting a fight and the work is getting notice.

The promo work:

Consist on web banners and illustration for social media (Facebook and Instagram) , the development of logo presentation for video shooting and webpage are bits and peaces that are part of a bigger picture.

But for now, here are some selections, tha animated logo is the most recent, followby the early facebook and instagram pictures that where used for the promos.

The first picture is the one that the swedish dance museum selected for the event on their program catalog and website:

The second is the official Promo video for both the event of AfroDance Rhythm and the Kizomba Night at the Museum party by SSC, followed by the promo teaser for the party.

Tools: Photoshop, After Effect, Premiere, Sketchbook PRO and the most important thing, paper and pen.

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