Crossfit Södermalm

Crossfit Södemalm

He who knows the land, rules in heaven!

Crossfit is one of the fast growing activity athletics discipline out there.

As webmaster for Crossfit Södermalm i took the responsabilites to develop the new website, promos and profile in the direction that reflects crossfit athletes and more important, the gym (or the box, crossfit lingo).  The identity of a gym or place has and had to be represent visualy on the website and promos, an individual must comprehend that by visiting Crossfit Södermalm he or she will ankwonledge the message and visual material, there will be a connection. So i did my research checking crossfit, fitness and martial art websites. So beside beeing functional and info rich with content, it had to look bad ass!

The first thing was to make the box stand out from the rest, promos had to be done showing the variation of classes Crossfit Södermalm has. Abs workout, sprint and jogging, yoga class, gymnastic, kettlebell, mobility and the crossfit class had to be define in this digital campaign witch focus group are going to be targeted in social media.

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Has been very positive in all aspect, website has and is notices from the public.

Made other boxes step up their game (not bragging, just fact).

You know it's real when you are who you think you are.