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Duty may weight heavier than a mountain, but death is as light as a feather.

Welcome to my online portfolio

I’m Yerko Vidal - and i am a digital graphic designer, creating beautiful graphics for websites, i film and edit.


"As the media grew and new technologies started to show up, so did my fascination for 3D".

My interest for 3D took me to Toronto, Canada, where i study 3D for games and entertainment at Humber Collage, in the course i specialized my final work on motion capturing.

Yerko Vidal

Graphic Designer & Film

I ´m Yerko Vidal Cvitanic and i was born in Santiago de Chile and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. I am graphic designer, 3D animator, support technician, coach, a son and a father. I started to work in media back in 1998.

I took my bachelor's degree in graphic design with a thesis in direct marketing in 2000 and ever since´s i have been jumping from job to job and project to project.

"Since then my first internship at Berg´s Grafiska i had a goal."

That working with graphic, art or design was something that not only i was good at, but would spend my entire life doing.

It was love at first sight.

Film by Yerko Vidal

My knowledge for creating visual presentation open the door for film. It started when i saw that where no material that showde the concept, someone had to creat it. Having interesting content is a must in todays Media. So i started to film dance exhibitions which led to my first Music Video. 


Prezedant Mr Mo - Ride Right Now
Lyrical Music Video

When i moved back to sweden 2002 i started to work for a small company named Teledrom as a designer and 2D animator, Teledrom made interactive educational courses for Ericsson mobile technology. Today (2020) i create dance events where i can implement my visuall concept and art by filming, photoshoot, editing and design.

Back then when i was a student


Projects may vary, the needs may be different but necessary.

Contact me if you are looking for someone who can retouch, edit movie, 3D and have good presentation abilities. Hook me up!